Dominance Aggression

Some dogs may show dominant behaviours even as a young puppy, and other dogs may not show signs of dominance until they reach maturity. Aggression that is due to dominance can be a very difficult trait to extinguish and requires a great deal of time and consistency to solve. Dominant aggressive dogs can be VERY dangerous particularly to small children as the nipping or snapping that is related to this condition is typically focused on the head and neck area. Dominance aggression is a serious condition that requires dedication and patience to extinguish, and in some extreme cases may require psychiatric medications to relieve. This type of aggression cannot have a magic 10 minute fix even with Leon! However he will work closely with you to devise a coping strategy plan for you, your dog and your family to create a safe environment again.


Some tell tale Warning signs that your dog is suffering from dominance dog/human aggression:

  • Aggressive behaviour ┬áin response to verbal command
  • Aggressive responses triggered by eye contact
  • Attempts to herd other pets or humans using nipping
  • Guarding behaviour of toys or food
  • Inappropriate mounting
  • Resistance to vacating sofas and beds