How to Deal with Excessive Dog Barking?

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Dogs express excitement, fear and anxiety by barking. At different times of the day, a bark can mean different things. However, if your fluffy friend is barking excessively and disrupting the peace of your house, then it’s a behavioural issue.

Over here we discuss a few simple steps to deal with excessive barking –

1. Teach your dog ‘speak/quiet’ command: It may sound easier said than done. Teaching your dog to bark on command and to be quiet on command can help you deal with the issue in the long run. Remember, you have to be patient as for some dogs it may take weeks to learn the commands. You can take help from an expert for behaviour training. If your dog has been trained and yet he/she is barking incessantly, then you will need to understand the underlying cause of the behaviour.

Looking for an online dog training course?

I also make a virtual home visit. After the virtual assessment, I can create a strategy and care plan to help you find a solution to the behaviour issues discussed in the consultation. The 45-minute Virtual Home Visit will be done via a private video call. After our first call, I will call within the first 2 weeks to make sure you and your furry friend are doing well.

2. Remove the trigger: There are several reasons why your dog is barking endlessly. It can be territorial barking. When a person or an animal comes into your dog’s area, he/she may bark out of fear. In many cases, dogs bark because they are scared of a particular noise or an object. If left alone for long, your dog may bark as he/she is bored or sad because of separation anxiety. By finding the reasons behind your dog’s barking, you can address the issue in a better way.

3. Ignore the barking: Dogs often bark for attention. Yelling at them to be quiet won’t work as they have got what they wanted — your attention. This will further encourage them to bark even more. It’s best to ignore your dog all the while they are barking. For effective implementation of this method, do not talk to your dog or even look at him/her. Wait till he/she stops. Finally, when your dog is quiet, reward them with a treat.

4. Keep your dog busy: Your dog may be barking too much because of boredom. Make sure that your dog is getting enough physical and mental exercise. Activities such as long walks, chasing the ball, and playing with interactive toys – stimulate your dog’s brain and get him/her moving.

If you are still worried about your dog’s incessant barking, you can ask me any question and get a fast response from me personally. As a dog behaviourist, my mission is to promote the effectiveness of a non-physical approach to canine behaviour.

Apart from online dog training, I also visit families and consult them personally. You can book a one-to-one home visit where I can help you deal with the behavioural problems your dog is suffering from. It includes a 90-minute personal consultation session. To know more about our dog training courses, visit https://leontowers.co.uk/


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