Plaque Remover For Dogs


Why Choose Plaque X

Our Plaque X is exactly what your pet needs and the doctor ordered! Pure and packed full of natural ingredients.  Each pot comes with Turmeric, activated carbon, premium kelp seaweed & organic parsley.  No other brand offers all these beneficial ingredients packed into one formulation at such great value.

Benefits Include:

  • Help remove & prevent tartar & Plaque build up in cats & dogs.
  • Supports Skin Health – Packed full of natural iodine helps improve & maintain healthy skin & coat
  • Supports joint & bone health – From young to old, no matter what breed or size of pet, our mix of turmeric & special blend of seaweed high in iodine benefits joint & bone health
  • No need for toothbrush or paste, just add a serving to your pets meal!
  • We are the only product on the market to include turmeric which has been provento be an effective supplement for pets
  • Added activated charcoal aids gas with your pet


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