Wormwood Formula For Dogs, Cats & Pets


  • NO HIDDEN CHEMICALS! Our Wormwood formulation contains no hidden nasty chemicals unlike other brands and other forms of supplements on the market. ALL NATURAL for peace of mind insuring all those potential concerns worming away in your mind can be laid to rest!
  • SUPPORT FOR A HEALTHY INTESTINAL TRACT: We have revised and improved our formula to be up to 100 times more effective than our previous. Use our product as directed, no need to waste using daily for months to come. Targets and quickly functions to support a healthy intestinal system where it matters.
  • LONG LASTING & EFFECTIVE: Our concentrated formula is designed to offer optimum results quickly. Gut health in your pet is important, why would you wait days or weeks for results? Every natural ingredient is designed to offer the best results, fast and efficiently! For best results apply directly into mouth or food of your pet, if suited you may add to water bowl!
  • PAW ORIGINS OFFICIAL SPONSORS OF LEON TOWERS – As Official Sponsors of Channel 4 & My 5’s Leon Towers, the UK’s Leading Pet Nutritionist & Behaviourist all our products are Co Developed with Leon Towers Himself


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