Teach your puppy these basic commands

dog behaviorist

Owning a puppy is a fun experience. Their cute faces and adorable antics make us melt – but there’s more to these little balls of fluff. They bite everything they find (including your hands & feet!), they love scratching furniture and carpet, and some even steal socks! These acts may seem cute and adorable at first, but if not corrected at an early stage they can pose serious problems.

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Is Your Dog Stressed? Here’s How You Can Identify the Signs

one to one dog trainers

Have you noticed lately that your furry friend is not as energetic as he/she used to be? Their eating and sleeping patterns have changed and they are not playing with you as they used to. Well, it’s quite possible that your dog may be stressed. Just like people, dogs too feel stressed. Your canine companion may be stressed because of the loss of a family member or another pet. (more…)

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