Teach your puppy these basic commands

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Owning a puppy is a fun experience. Their cute faces and adorable antics make us melt – but there’s more to these little balls of fluff. They bite everything they find (including your hands & feet!), they love scratching furniture and carpet, and some even steal socks! These acts may seem cute and adorable at first, but if not corrected at an early stage they can pose serious problems.

Puppies are very close observers and quick learners. The first months you spend with your puppy set the tone for the years to come. So, teaching your puppy the right things at the right time the right way is the key to raising the dog of your dreams!

Need help with puppy/dog training?

We are based in West Sussex, but we cover the entire United Kingdom. So, if you are searching online with these terms “dog training near me” or “one-to-one dog training near me”, I can help you. I can go on a one-to-one home visit or even a virtual visit to help you train your pup. After the session I will provide ongoing support for up to 3 months to help you implement the discussed techniques and will be closely tracking your pup’s progress. To book a session, contact me.

I have covered only 4 basic commands here. Start working with your puppy at home on the below mentioned commands. You can join our dog-training class to help your pup learn other basic cues and advanced commands.

1) Sit

It’s one of the simplest commands you can teach your pup. To teach sit, hold up a treat just above your puppy’s nose. Lift your hand and the treat and as your pup’s head follows your hand his/her butt will naturally go down and your pup will be in a sitting position.  As soon as your puppy sits, say the word “sit,” and give the treat. Praise your puppy by saying these words “ Yes”, “Good Boy, ” or “ Good Girl”.

Repetition is the key to mastering any command. Practice the sit command several times a day.

2) Come

This command teaches your puppy to come to you whenever you call him/her. Start with the “sit” command and once your puppy is in a sitting position, move away from there. Place treat on the floor, point at it, and then call your puppy with the words “come/name”. Each time you say “come/name,” give your puppy a treat. Remember – coming to you must always be a positive experience for your puppy. Things such as – calling your puppy to punish them or forcing them to take a bitter pill will make them avoid you when they hear the command.

3) Lay down

This command teaches your puppy to lie down. To teach this command, start with the “Sit” command. Once your pup is in the sitting position, hold a treat in your right hand and let them smell and lick it. Slowly lower the hand towards the floor and then say your puppy’s name followed by “Down” in a clam and clear voice.  As you lower the treat, your pup’s nose should be following the treat and their head bending down towards the floor. As your puppy’s chest touches the floor, praise them by saying “ Good boy/girl” and give them the treat.

4) Stay

This command teaches your puppy self control. Start with the “Sit” command. Once your pup is in the sitting position, open your palm and say “Stay”. Take a step back. If your puppy stays back in the same position, reward them. Over time, keep increasing the steps as your pup learns to stay.

It’s important to remember that once the rules are set you need to stick to them. Puppies need consistency to understand and master these cues.


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